The most optimal TESOL/TEFL course on the market
TESOL/TEFL certificate
In this article I give the most comprehensive answers on the topic of TEFL/TESOL certificates. There is a gift waiting for you at the end of the article. 😊
I would like to share my personal experience with you. When choosing a course for our teachers, I looked at various TEFL/TESOL programs. To be honest, what turned me off the most was the inclusion of additional services in the price without the ability to choose. Such services included, for example, access to employer databases or paid mentoring. The decision, of course, is yours, but I chose this particular TEFL/TESOL course primarily because there are no hidden fees for unused services.
I don’t insist, but I recommend this TESOL/TEFL certificate to everyone. With this certificate, all our teachers received a job and a visa. I guarantee that it will work out for you. Submit application to get a discount $118.00.
✅ Price $34 for a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course.
✅ You can receive a certificate in 1 day or faster.
✅ Accredited by the ACCREDITAT & CPD Certification Service.
✅ Guaranteed to pass FCO state authentication.
✅ Guaranteed authentication to obtain a visa to China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries.
✅ Guaranteed to be accepted by all major online learning companies.
✅ 7 day refund policy.
✅ Possibility of ordering professionally produced certificates on paper.
Main advantages
I decided to share insights about documents for working in an international school, in particular about TESOL/TEFL certificates that are suitable specifically for official employment. There are different online schools and different TESOL/TEFL courses, but not all certificates are accredited. To explain this in simple terms, one certificate is considered a document, and the other is not. An accredited certificate is recognized in most countries of the world and is suitable for official work and obtaining a visa.

Okay, we've got that sorted out. Which certificate should you choose then?
Which TESOL/TEFL certificate is suitable for teaching?
You can usually find out the price on the very first page of any online school. Regarding the price, I want to give only one piece of advice. There is no need to buy the cheapest certificate, for 1 dollar.
There are different certificates based on time, 120 hours, 150 hours, and so on. I’ll say right away that the number of hours on your certificate doesn’t really affect anything. What is more important is the time required to complete the certificate. You need to know whether you can take the test without any restrictions or, for example, this course only allows you to complete one module per day. In the second case, you will spend much more time to obtain such a certificate.
When choosing a certificate, I advise everyone to be guided by three parameters: PRICE, TIME, COMPLEXITY.
One can only guess about the complexity. As they say, you won't know until you try. But you can always familiarize yourself with the course content and draw your own conclusions.
Firstly, I have a visual video where I go through the process of preparing and finding a job. Many people asked me the same questions about employment, so I decided to answer these questions by recording a video course. It only lasts 20 minutes, but I put years of experience and knowledge gained through trial and error into it. Therefore, the easiest thing left for you is to watch this video course.
Thirdly, for those who want even more information about job search sites, blacklists of schools, etc., you can get a job guide by submitting an application. It will only cost you your time, believe me, you will not spend it in vain.
How to find a job after receiving a TESOL/TEFL certificate?
As a gift, I provide free access to the guide to everyone.
Secondly, I provide employment services. If you want a guarantee of getting a job and a high salary, book your place. Since they are unfortunately not endless. Or ask for advice, I am always happy to help you.
Link to open vacancies here👈🏻
Employment with guarantee
To find online work, I highly recommend reading this article (30 best platforms for online English teachers) on my blog. Like all other articles, I tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, so I am sure that everyone will find something useful for themselves.
Before starting cooperation, we organize a short introduction with the client to ensure his ability to successfully find a job as a teacher.
In the teacher market, everyone has known and had this certificate for a long time. TESOL/TEFL is like a ticket to apply to school, without it there is no way. This certificate will no longer surprise anyone, so the answer is NO.
Can a TESOL/TEFL Certificate Increase Your Salary?