30 Best Platforms for Online English Teachers
Part 1 - Why online?
There are pros and cons to working online, as well as offline. I will not give you standard comparisons from the Internet, but will tell you my honest opinion on this matter, arguing with my personal experience of teaching online and facts.
По этому присаживайтесь по удобнее и поехали!


1️⃣ The first plus is flexibility. Flexibility in almost every aspect. Firstly, an online teacher is not tied to a location and can travel at the same time without stopping work. Secondly, in 99% of cases you choose the time and number of classes yourself. Thirdly, what and how to teach usually also depends on you, the main thing is that the students like it and there is a result.

This is usually why teachers want to teach online 😁

2️⃣ The second plus, which perhaps not everyone speaks out loud, but keeps in their heads.
These are low risks. To start working, you usually do not need any flights, paperwork or visas, and you will also be paid 100% of your salary. Teaching English online from home is significantly cheaper than teaching it in another country.

But I think you already knew that 😊
What are the downsides?
Part 2 - How to turn cons into advantages?
📌 I'll be honest with you, the best marketing is being a native speaker. In the English teacher market, the most sought-after teachers are usually teachers from Britain, the USA, South Africa, Australia, etc. Non-carriers occupy the secondary market 90% of the time.

What to do?
What to do in such a seemingly hopeless situation? In fact, everything is not that bad. Since schools are online, the number of students from all over the world is huge.

How to deal with the disadvantages of working online
Marketing comes first here. You need to take seriously the design of your video presentation (I explained how to do this correctly in my free guide) and teacher account.

1️⃣ In order to have enough work and a busy schedule, first of all, you need to design your profile correctly, and secondly, you need to develop a good rating on the platform.

  • For writing Bio and presentation - chat.openai.com
  • For video presentation editing - capcut.com
  • TEFL/TESOL - worldtesolacademy.com
  • English proficiency (FREE) - efset.org
  • For online presentations - canva.com, miro.com

2️⃣ What to do if you did everything correctly, but there are still very few students. First and most importantly, do not lose your positive attitude. Secondly, I advise you to register from the very beginning and develop your account on several platforms simultaneously. You are guaranteed to get more clients from 3-5 platforms than from just one. Start registering from the first platforms and further down the list.

3 platforms that I have personally tested:
✅ VIPKid - vipkid.com
✅ Magic Ears mmears.com
✅ Qkids - qkids.net
Cons ⛔️
1️⃣ The first minus, and I would say the only significant minus, is the salary. Compared to offline work, the salary is much lower. Yes, someone will say that you can earn $20+ teaching English online, but this cannot be considered an objective example, since such teachers make up no more than 5% of the non-native speaker market. Usually the rate for online work is lower ($6-13), which ultimately significantly reduces the overall income.

2️⃣ The second disadvantage is that on most educational platforms, the number of working hours is not guaranteed. This means that how busy your schedule is is up to you.
When finding a job, certificates are like a ticket to participate. On most platforms, certificates are required already at the registration stage. Don't overpay for this formality. Your success depends on your skills.
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