Before starting cooperation, we will organize a short introduction with the client to ensure his ability to successfully find employment as a teacher. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free consultation.
Recruitment process:
1. Conclusion of a contract for services.
2. Preparation (supervision at all stages).
3. Interviews (assistance in passing).
4. Signing a contract with the school.
5. Getting started
We provide employment with a 100% guarantee, even for teachers without experience. The schools we have been cooperating with for many years value their reputation and stability, so contracts are usually for 6-12 months.
Working as a teacher
Anyone interested in online work, go here.
Who needs certificates? For what? Which certificate is suitable for becoming a teacher? And you will learn much more here.
Useful materials:
You will learn how to properly prepare and get a job yourself.
Video course on employment
What is "Guide"?
Recommended for those who are already looking for work. "Guide" is practical knowledge from A to Z on how to get a job as a teacher.