Top 10 ESL games
I want to share with you my experience over five years of working as a teacher 😁 You probably already know that there are thousands of games on the Internet. So why am I only giving 10?

Because a lesson is not a playroom and the main goal is to teach students. Not all games do this well, which is why I have chosen the 10 most effective games for learning English. They strike a good balance between utility and entertainment. With such an arsenal of games, your lessons will never be boring. Make yourself comfortable and let's get started!
3️⃣ Tower of cups
The name of this game speaks for itself. To start, I choose one student and ask him a question. After the student has answered my question, the game begins. The student takes one cup and places it on the table. After which the student takes one flash card. If you don’t have a flash card at hand, then you can use a notebook. The student places the flash card on top of the cup. Then the next student starts the game. After answering the question, he takes one cup and places it on the previous student’s flashcard. Thus, with each new student, the tower of cups and flash cards becomes higher and higher. This game can be finished at any time, or played until the tower collapses. And to avoid falling over at an interview like that tower, I advise everyone to practice using a free interview simulator. There are two levels: easy and difficult.
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1️⃣ Jumping game
This is one of the most versatile games and also one of my favorites. There are two options for how to play it.

Option 1
The first thing to do is lay out the flash cards on the floor in a line. After which students line up in a column perpendicular to the line of flash cards. I name one of the flash cards and students jump to it. After all students have jumped to the correct flashcard, they must say the word or sentence. The student who did not say anything or was the last to jump is out of the game.
Option 2
The students line up in one column and I stand in front of them. I hold up two flash cards in my left and right hands. After I call out one of these flash cards, students must jump in the correct direction. In the video you can watch one of the variants of this game.
As a bonus for my teachers, I have created a free test. This test simulates an interview with a recruiter. For those who think that the questions are easy, I have created a test of an increased difficulty level. Go ahead and write me your feedback, I will be very grateful for your help in improving me.
That's all for me, friends. I'm sure that with such an arsenal of games, your lessons will never be boring. And for those who are thinking about getting a job or changing jobs, I highly recommend putting every effort into preparing and improving your own skills.
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4️⃣ Music chair
This game is very famous not only among teachers. It is played at competitions and sometimes even at weddings. The rules are simple: whoever is left without a chair loses. I place several chairs in the center of the classroom with their backs facing each other. The number of chairs should be less than the number of students playing. After which I turn on any music, and at this time the students walk around the chairs. As soon as I stop the music, everyone must sit down.

The one who did not have time and was left without a chair answers the question and is eliminated from the game.
I hope you will play this game in a more friendly environment than in this video 😁
5️⃣ Passing the ball
The next game is quite similar to the previous one, but it has its own characteristics.

All students sit on chairs, preferably in a circle next to each other. I turn on the music and the students begin passing a ball or any other object around. When the music stops, the student who is holding the ball at that moment must answer the question. This game is more suitable for hyperactive classes or young children, as students do not need to get up and run around, which reduces the risk of injury.

When you play this game for the first time, it might look something like this 😁
Therefore, you need to pay attention to some students and hurry them up.
6️⃣ Treasury hunt
My students love this game very much. At the beginning of the game, everyone must close their eyes. Then I hide the flashcards in different places in the classroom. When all the flash cards are hidden, I count down 5 seconds and then students have to find them. Then, when all the flashcards have been found, I test their knowledge and the number of flashcards they have collected. Each student receives the appropriate number of points.
7️⃣ Predator
This game is quite simple but very effective, especially for slow and passive students. Students line up next to the wall and throughout the game cannot leave the wall and run around the classroom. I ask a question and say the student's name. The question can be anything, for example: “Name five animals.” After this, I slowly begin to walk in the direction of the student. The student must answer the question before I approach him point-blank.
8️⃣ Hide and seek
This game is great for both repetition and learning new words. To start, I place flash cards in the corners of the classroom. I sit down on the table in the center of the room, close my eyes, name the card and count for 5 seconds. Students must run to the correct card and stand in that corner. After which I open my eyes and ask a few questions. You can ask questions to the whole group at once, or to each student separately. Students who take the wrong corner are eliminated from the game. At the end of the game, one or more students remain and receive points.
9️⃣ Simon says
This is a classic, well-known ESL game. It is best played while standing. The rules are quite simple: I give a command and add "Simon says" before the command. For example: "Simon says touch your nose." Students must do what I say, but only if "Simon says" is heard before the command. If I say, for example: “Touch your nose,” then students should not perform this action. Those who lose their vigilance and complete the action are eliminated from the game.
🔟 Guess the sound
And in conclusion, a very simple game, but at the same time the most exciting. Students close their eyes and you play any sound or audio that relates to the topic of the lesson. For example, if the topic of the lesson is “animals,” then you can use animal sounds. First, students guess which animal makes this sound, after which they open their eyes and watch a video of that same animal. Watching the video at the end makes the game more fun.
2️⃣ Hula hoop game
First you need to divide the students into teams. Each team receives one hoop, and all team members hold onto the hoop. If there is no hoop, students form a circle and hold hands. Flash cards are laid out on the floor throughout the classroom. I name one of them, and the team that is the first to take this card into the ring gets points. It looks something like the picture :)
The only thing more important than the game itself is how you play. Even the most fun game can be boring and uninteresting. Among the key points in teaching, in addition to games, I would also note your body language, intonation, and facial expressions. Remember to spend most of your time smiling. It is very important to maintain intrigue during any game and feel the mood of the students. If the game does not go according to plan, you can always change it to another game.